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What we do

AquaFiber®™ restores surface waters impacted by high nutrient loads or other pollutants using AquaLutions®™, a suite of dual-nutrient remediation water remediation technologies. On eutrophic waterbodies, AquaLutions®™ generates large volumes of biomass daily that has co-product value for soil remediation and value as a bioenergy feedstock.

AquaFiber®™ is dedicated to using the best available science, leading-edge technologies, and common sense to provide commercial-scale water remediation solutions today.

Unlike companies that boast about water remediation and/or renewable energy-from-algae solutions based on small-scale laboratory demonstration projects, AquaFiber®™ has proven our technology solutions at a commercial scale.

Since 2009, AquaFiber®™ has treated 5.7 billion gallons of water from Lake Jesup, Florida. This nutrient pollution remediation project was contracted by the St. Johns River Water Management District and structured as an innovative pay-for-performance contract to remove phosphorus from Lake Jesup.

AquaLutions®™ is an effective, efficient, scalable and affordable technology that requires a small land footprint. AquaFiber®™ believes that by linking our core water-remediation technologies with beneficial biomass application we create a business model that can restore aquatic ecosystems and at the same time create jobs to grow a robust and sustainable clean-tech industry cluster.

Proven Success

AquaFiber®™ has proven the efficacy of its AquaLutions®™ technology at a commercial scale at a facility on Lake Jesup, Florida built entirely with private-sector funding.

The technology has proven to be able to meet or exceed upcoming numeric nutrient standards and generates biomass that can be used for beneficial uses in both agriculture and within the clean technology industry cluster.


Pay for performance

"Our technology and our pay-for-performance business model on Lake Jesup are perfectly suited to environmental and economic interests of governments today. AquaFiber®™ doesn't just promise results, we deliver and it's only when we do that we get paid. Our commitment is to getting the job done."

– Tom Bland, Chairman Emeritus
AquaFiber Technologies Corporation